Beautiful Bridals of Cayla McMillan (aka CT Anise)

I have been waiting a couple months to be able to finally post these GORGEOUS Bridals. CT was the lucky winner of a bridal shoot giveaway and I am beyond glad that she won. She is a model out of Louisiana that I had been trying to work with and this bridal giveaway was the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. I love doing bridals and CT just made that passion come back BIG TIME! Thanks again and we will work together again for sure! Enjoy everyone. 

I just love a beautiful black and white bridal image. 

I just love a beautiful black and white bridal image. 

The Bridal canvas...

So, I have been wanting to do this Bridal shoot for quite some time now. I wanted to do it different than I've ever seen. Most of these type of shoots are a typical "trash the dress" type of shoot. Well, I wanted the model (cause she really isn't a bride) to be covered in paint, but I wanted the images to be very traditional "bridal/beauty" shots. I'm pretty damn pleased with how they turned out! What do you think? Bethany volunteered to be my "bride" for this shoot and I couldn't have picked a better one. She has that young, new, bride look I was hoping for; not to mention she is beautiful. Towards the end, we had some paint left, so we had a bit of fun!!!


Bethany's mom was camera left and was having a tad bit too much fun throwing paint on her daughter!! lol