Samantha and Callie...

I had the pleasure of photographing these two beautiful young ladies. Both of them are no longer Seniors, but I wanted to use them as models to highlight my Senior Photography and give everyone a good idea of what a Senior Session with me can look like. So, If you are a 2018 or 2019 Senior or you know one, send them my way! Thanks and enjoy. 

Gavin Bonham...this little guy rocked this photoshoot!

So this is little Gavin. His mom is a makeup artist and hairstylist and her and I have talked several times about doing a photoshoot. Well, I decided I wanted to do a cute little rocker/fashion kind of shoot with a small child/toddler, and so she said..."why not my son?" Well, heck yea cause this little dude is freaking adorable. Right?

Little man was in his feels....

Little man was in his feels....

I see you checking me out...I know I'm cool. 

I see you checking me out...I know I'm cool. 

He's his own gang. 

He's his own gang. 

Wardrobe change. Can't see the shirt but its AC/DC For those about to Rock, we salute you!

Wardrobe change. Can't see the shirt but its AC/DC For those about to Rock, we salute you!

All In One Photography...

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about my own personal photography and why some people book me and some do not. I realize that my style may not match exactly what you are looking for and that is completely understandable, my look may not be the look you want. I also realize that I do some "out of the box", non-traditional types of images and maybe thats just not something you are into, and thats fine too. Here lately it seems as though many people only think I do, or like to do, only certain types of images as that is what I've done more recently. My reason for that is to show diversity in my abilities. To me, I'd rather have 1 photographer that can do any type of images I may ever need, than to have find 6 different photographers to meet my needs.

Look at it this way:

You just recently got engaged and need engagement pics - got you covered.

Then you also need Bridals of course - got you covered. Oh, you want bridal boudoir or just boudoir in general to give to your new husband as a gift - got you covered.

OMG its your big day (WEDDING DAY) - GOT YOU COVERED

Recently married and just found out you are pregnant and want maternity pics - got you covered

Husband is in the oilfield and unable to attend the birth of your child and you want to document it with a birth documentary - got you covered

That week old beautiful baby needs newborn pics - got you covered (even though its not my forte, I have done them and can do them. are turning 30 and want an adult cake smash? - got you covered

That sweet kiddo is turning 1 and you want a cake smash for them - got you covered

A SECOND BABY - still got you covered

Time to get some beautiful Spring Family pics - got you covered 

Looking for someone who can do some creative Halloween family portraits - got you covered

Your first born is graduating high school and you need Senior Portraits - got you covered

That first born who just graduated is an aspiring model and needs a portfolio built with amazing images - got you covered

Second kiddo graduating high school and first kid graduating college and the both need Senior pics - got you covered

First born got engaged - AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES!!!

Being a photographer is about being YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER and its about an investment in a lifelong friendship and relationship. That is why I do so many different styles of photography because I don't want you to have to go ANYWHERE else for your photography needs!

Please let me be your lifelong photographer? 




Boudoir...with a twist!

So I wanted to do a slight twist on traditional boudoir. I of course did some of the more traditional shots, but then I incorporated some vape, and some colored lighting. Something I haven't really seen done with boudoir images. I'm pretty freaking pleased with them. Of course they wouldn't have been possible without my beautiful and wonderful model...Kendall! She kills it every single time!! Thanks and enjoy!